The Beliefs I Believe: The Working Be’s!

The Be’s



an encourager – seek strengths, be positive. We all do better working from what we CAN do rather than what we cannot.

a finder of the key – seek ways and strategies to ensure life is LIVED. Every person with the right support can be a part of community life, belong and connect.

a seeker of knowledge – life-long learning for everyone. There is always more to learn for you, for the person living with brain injury, for family.

yourself –  be natural, take on board tips and knowledge from others, be yourself in the way you provide the support and implement the strategies.

an improver – look out for ways to encourage improvements. There is always a better way; there is always more to be done; there are always more possibilities available, than we know about.

respectful – openness, honesty and respect of the person you are supporting, their family and friends, and yourself in all that you do.

a listener – listen for learning, listen to understand, listen to hear.

a believer –  that every person with the right support, in the right way, at the right time can be a part of their community. Make it happen.


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