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Ongoing research brings new discoveries and changes in our understanding of the brain, its function and what happens when it is damaged. I have worked with people with brain injury, their families and workers for 25 years or more.Things change. In the spirit of life-long learning I wish to share my knowledge and opinions, and those of others.

Please remember to check how this affects your situation, before you make any change based on any information at Changed Lives New Journeys.

You should seek advice from your work supervisors, doctors, the treating team and or family before you implement any changes, or any strategies suggested here, or wherever you find ideas and information.

This site aims to educate,share and develop skills, it is not a medical, or professional service.

Brain injury is different for every person, and needs a different approach for each person. Everything about Changed Lives New Journeys is designed to assist people who are supporting people with brain injury in your ongoing learning. I work to ensure that the information is accurate however given every person and every situation is different you must seek professional advice from those who know your specific situation before implementing any change. Back to Top


In order to support the further development of Changed Lives New Journeys it would be wonderful if you could contribute appropriately for the tools, information and products you use.

My aim is to have information on Changed Lives, New Journeys available to everyone, and I also aim to remain free of ads which I have found quite distracting on sites when learning and sharing. And I want you to trust that all information is chosen and not paid for. I need to be able to support myself as I write, curate and produce Changed Lives, New Journeys.

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I am happy to have the information that I produce on Changed Lives New Journeys used, shared, and passed on to those who need it. I would welcome that you contact me to let me know what your plan is. It would be great if you could encourage others to join Changed Lives New Journeys.

Please acknowledge the source of the material whenever you use it, in any form, and link it back to the information in my blog, preferably with a direct link to the article.

Given the nature of information provided on the site, which often contains strategies and explanations of complex topics, it is best the original meaning and intent is maintained.

If you are using material from a third party please check with me, and or the owner of that material before using or distributing it. Back to Top


I hope Changed Lives New Journeys will be a place to ask questions, share ideas that work (or maybe did not work) and generally share information. We need a few principles to make sure that sharing is OK for everyone:

      • Privacy – the privacy of other people you might be talking about must be respected.
      • Respect – the language we use, the way we work, the ways we address people are some of the ways we can show respect for others. Please make sure everything you post here is respectful of all people.
      • Lifelong Learning – contribute and share in the spirit of education and development for all.
      • Acknowledgement  of each others views even if they differ from our own and  of the work of others. Back to Top



It is an aim of Changed Lives New Journeys that people collaborate and share information, and basic contact information is collected so that we can keep in touch. We do not share your information with others. I will not be sharing your contact details with anyone unless legally required to do so. Please see the full Privacy Policy for more information. Back to Top


I will endeavour to reference and acknowledge all information I use from other sources. If you believe a source is not appropriately acknowledged please contact me and let me know. If you could provide the correct reference, that would be really helpful. My learning has been over 25 years and from many people in many countries, and I may not have recorded all sources. Back to Top


One of my goals is to select, review and catalogue information on brain injury and provide links to other resources including videos, books, articles that might be useful. I will monitor and check as thoroughly as I can but I am not able to vouch for all the sites and links provided. Please carefully check issues such as privacy, security and safety of any site before providing, or getting information; downloads; or products from any sites.

It is also recommended that you follow these same considerations for any site you visit.

There are no paid links. All books, links, and audio visual sites, anything at all that is talked about here is because it may be a useful resource for you. It provides no income to Changed Lives New Journeys unless by donation (unlikely but a wonderful idea). Back to Top


Please email me with ANY questions you may have about this or any other aspect of Changed Lives New Journeys: Contact me here.

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