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Thank you for visiting, and welcome to Changed Lives, New Journeys. Here you will find articles about life after brain injury, with easy to understand information, tools, tips and strategies.

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Who Is Changed Lives New Journeys for?

Changed Lives, New Journeys is written for people trying to understand brain injury. For people who are looking for tips and strategies for life after brain injury. While it began as a blog for supporters, through the years it has grown to include people living with brain injury, their family and friends.

Simply it is for anyone who is interested in the brain and brain injury.

Find Out About Me

To find out more about me visit About me and using Changed Lives New Journeys. You can also check out the map of all that is available on the Sitemap.

Life After Brain Injury Our Collective Challenge

Brain injury changes lives forever – for the person living with brain injury, for their family and friends. Our collective challenge is working to create a new life after brain injury.

Sharing Our Knowledge and Experience is Important

In order to meet the challenge of life after brain injury sharing our combined knowledge and insights is important. Sharing will improve understanding and we hope, life after brain injury. You can help expand our understanding by sharing your experiences and stories.

As a way to contribute you could make comment on articles, or you are welcome to send your experiences and information HERE .

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