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Living With Brain Injury

Over the years I have often thought about a paper presented at a Head Injury Council of Australia (HICOA) Conference during the 1990s. Written by Rabbi Dr Milton Pine the paper was insightful, moving and a wonderful personal story of his life before and after brain injury. Some may remember I attempted to quote the […]

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To Say or Not to Say After Brain Injury. Cartoon figure with thought bubble

To Say or Not To Say – What to Say After Brain Injury – Part 2

  Tips on What ‘To Say’ When a Person Has A Brain Injury or Other Life Changes. The previous article “To Say or Not To Say – After Brain Injury Part 1” looked at what people say that sometimes can be hurtful, unhelpful and at times damaging albeit with good intentions. Today some tips and […]

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Brain Injury Difficulty Planning Organisation and Problem Solving Red and white sign with blue sky behind

Brain Injury Difficulty Problem Solving and Planning

Most of us at some time have trouble trying to work out how to solve a problem. Or maybe we can’t seem to make a decision, or we make a decision and then think “Why did I ever do that”. Brain injury, particularly when it involves the frontal lobe, such as after  trauma, stroke, dementia, […]

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Brain Injury Resources Photo of an open book with shelves of books behind.

Brain Injury Resources Around The Web

I discovered these brain injury resources while trying to focus my attention on a review of Changed Lives New Journeys. Like an ageing house – blog bits are starting to look a bit shabby and not work so well. You start looking into fixing it only to find more and more seems to need doing. […]

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Change After Brain Injury. Green grassy hil with blue sky with Change written with cloud form

Getting Through Stages of Change After Brain Injury

‘Tips for Getting Through the Stages of Change After Brain Injury”  –  this is another list I found in my archives. It is a single well worn sheet with ‘Bear in Mind presentation’ across the top.     Bear in Mind is now Brain Injury Matters  an organisation in Melbourne, Australia for and by people […]

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Fatigue after brain injury Brown and white dog sleeping in wooden chair

Fatigue After Brain Injury: I’m So Tired My Brain Hurts

Fatigue after brain injury: Cognitive fatigue, Brain fog, Mental fatigue, Brain fatigue, Brain exhaustion, Mental tiredness, Foggy brain. I love the last one! All terms that can mean “I’m so tired my brain hurts”. Please Remember This: To begin here is the key message I want to make – We can all get foggy brain. […]

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Intimacy Sex and Brain injury Book cover Wondering Who You Are. Early photo of author and husband

Intimacy, Sex and Brain Injury

I know. I know. This image can be seen as a cheap trick on my part to draw you in? I really just want to make a bold statement about sex and brain injury! To reinforce my view – that it’s OK to talk it. We should talk about it. Many, many, subjects are written […]

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Remembrance traumatic brain injury in soldiers. Small white crosses with red poppies in the centre of each one

RePost: Rant for Remembrance – Soldiers With Brain Injury

  Posted 2014 and 2015 11th day 11th month @11am I have decided that until the issue of soldiers with brain injury, around the world, is adequately addressed I will repost this each Remembrance Day. First published in 2014. In November 2014 after several weeks of trying to prepare an article for Remembrance day: “traumatic […]

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Challenging Behaviour after Brain Injury Photograph of 1 large penguin facing a group of penguins

Behaviour in Brief – Challenging Behaviour After Brain Injury

Changed behaviour, Behaviours of concern, Difficult behaviour, Bad behaviour, Challenging behaviour after brain injury – . Whatever term you use, it is one of the BIG topics in brain injury.   It can mean challenges for the person living with brain injury, their family and friends, supporters, and community members. Behaviour changes can be mild […]

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Brain Injury is Different - 2 cartoon Spot the Difference drawings drawings

Brain Injury is Different

Brain injury is unique, its outcomes distinct. Often I have heard of confusion about brain injury with mental illness and brain injury with intellectual disability. So today I am updating and reposting an article I wrote a while ago that reminds us of the differences. Brain Injury is DIFFERENT to other conditions, illnesses, and disabilities: […]

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