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Blue sky with a white cloud and doric columns. 5 column approach

5 Column Approach : A Tool for Strength Based Work

We do better when we build from what we do well. We do better when we work from our strengths. We mostly know this about ourselves, but how do we put it into practice? Working from a strengths based approach does not always come easily and naturally to everyone, yet it can be life changing […]

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childs sculpture of pink rabbit

A Pink Bunny, Creativity and Brain Injury

This image inspired me to write about creativity. It reminded me that creativity is possible for each of us, whatever our talents, whatever our limitations. Sometimes it just takes someone to encourage and support us to give it a go. This all came about a while back, when visiting family. I spotted this wonderful ceramic […]

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Contributing after brain injury. Drawing of heart shapes with words Give Take Share

Contributing after Brain Injury.

What if we changed our thinking? What if we focussed more on what a person could be contributing after brain injury? Rather than what’s going wrong and what help is needed? Today I am going to indulge an idea I have nurtured for a long time. The idea of supporting people living with brain injury […]

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CAN DO! Strengths and Brain Injury.

Build on the CAN DO instead of focussing on the CAN’T DO.  Great idea. Work from the strengths and abilities rather than problems a person has. Wonderful. What about when a person has a brain injury? Yup, seems a great way to work. What does it look like in action? How do I do it? […]

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