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One Chance To Do It Well! Our End of Life a Good Death – Part 3

Can we help to make our end of life a good death for ourselves and for others? What tips and strategies might contribute to having our needs and wishes met? To make our end of life a good death. The first article in this series To Talk or Not To Talk About: End of Life […]

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A Good Death: End of Life and Dying Part 2

Why is it important to talk more freely about end of life and dying? Most of us hope for a “good death” when the time comes – but what is it? Last week I talked about what lead me to this discussion of end of life and dying and why it is important to talk more […]

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End of Life: A fish eye view photo of an island with sea and a small boat

To Talk or Not to Talk About: End of Life, A Good Death Part 1

The time leading up to the end of life – after brain injury – or at any time, is a topic one should maybe leave alone. I want to talk about it. I believe we should all talk about it. I know it is thought to be a private subject, yet what happens at the […]

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