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Fatigue after brain injury Brown and white dog sleeping in wooden chair

Fatigue After Brain Injury: I’m So Tired My Brain Hurts

Fatigue after brain injury: Cognitive fatigue, Brain fog, Mental fatigue, Brain fatigue, Brain exhaustion, Mental tiredness, Foggy brain. I love the last one! All terms that can mean “I’m so tired my brain hurts”. Please Remember This: To begin here is the key message I want to make – We can all get foggy brain. […]

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Cognitive fatigue. Boy asleep with head on a pile of books

“I’m So Tired My Brain Hurts” Cognitive Fatigue

Have you heard this or similar comments? It’s real. It is termed Cognitive Fatigue. And the good news is there are strategies to help minimize it. Before I get to the strategies, here are a couple of real life descriptions to help explain what it is like: In an article in The Guardian newspaper Tim […]

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