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Behaviour in Brief – Challenging Behaviour After Brain Injury

Changed behaviour, Behaviours of concern, Difficult behaviour, Bad behaviour, Challenging behaviour after brain injury – . Whatever term you use, it is one of the BIG topics in brain injury.   It can mean challenges for the person living with brain injury, their family and friends, supporters, and community members. Behaviour changes can be mild […]

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I Didn’t See That Coming! Challenging Behaviour After Brain Injury.

How do you manage sudden or escalating challenging behaviour after brain injury, or any time? Damage to the brain, for example the frontal lobe, can sometimes cause changes in behaviour after brain injury. Sometimes this results in behaviour that challenges supporters and people around. It can also result in behaviour that is unpredictable.   Even […]

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It’s the Brain Injury Talking

Lazy, manipulative, attention-seeking! Have you heard people using those, or similar terms when describing the behavior of someone living with brain injury. Not very helpful is it? It kind of suggests a deliberate tone to the behavior. Maybe at times you have thought what you are seeing is personally directed at you.  I will tell […]

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