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Mr Rogers Mural of Mr Rogers wearing red cardigan on side of building

Discovering Mister Rogers

Years ago I discovered I am a happier being if I don’t watch or listen to the news. Events and news frequently filters through through despite my efforts. Sometimes as a balance to all the woeful news it is good to be reminded of the wonderful side of human beans. My reminder this week came […]

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Soldiers trauma and brain injury. Black and white face and mask

Creating a Mask: Soldiers, Trauma and Brain Injury

Masks have been used in many cultures and throughout history for protection, theatre, disguise. This is about soldiers creating art – masks – to help understand their trauma and brain injury.   I do not quite know how to describe the moment I opened the envelope and saw “Healing Soldiers” the cover of the February […]

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Blue sky with a white cloud and doric columns. 5 column approach

5 Column Approach : A Tool for Strength Based Work

We do better when we build from what we do well. We do better when we work from our strengths. We mostly know this about ourselves, but how do we put it into practice? Working from a strengths based approach does not always come easily and naturally to everyone, yet it can be life changing […]

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50 First Strength Based Questions

You want to use a strengths based approach, but where do you start? What does it mean in real life? How do you ask strengths based questions to identify and understand your own, or another person’s strengths? Do you find you a strengths approach comes naturally to you? Or have you found it difficult? We […]

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