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When “Can’t” is About Power

An article “When Can’t Is About Power’ by Cheryl Green really got me thinking.  I reckon most of us have been on one side or other of this conversation at some time. If you have visited Changed Lives or  Changed Lives New Journey’s Facebook you probably know I am a big Cheryl Green and Who […]

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PEACH – Gathering Information About Brain Injury

PEACH is a simple tool supporters can use when gathering information about a person and their brain injury. It can help to understand the bigger story. PEACH is particularly useful when behaviour is challenging.   First though – a little disclaimer – I know I am always disclaiming myself from something. I just like to […]

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Brain Injury is Different - 2 cartoon Spot the Difference drawings drawings

Brain Injury is Different

Brain injury is unique, its outcomes distinct. Often I have heard of confusion about brain injury with mental illness and brain injury with intellectual disability. So today I am updating and reposting an article I wrote a while ago that reminds us of the differences. Brain Injury is DIFFERENT to other conditions, illnesses, and disabilities: […]

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PECKS – Principles for Brain Injury Strategies

  In order to build brilliant strategies for brain injury it  can be helpful to have a framework – sort of like the scaffolding around a building – to help guide and support you. Below are a set of principles that can help to form a framework that is effective,  and focusses on the person. […]

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Genius Only Need Apply – A Once in a Lifetime Job -The Brain At Work.

  The Brain at work has an impressive and complex resume of skills and responsibilities. It is likely the biggest job in the world! Big shoes to fill! While the job is not on offer, I hope thinking about it in this way will help understanding The Brain at work. As you read about the role […]

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10 Favourite Brain Injury Posts – An Anniversary Selection

Happy Anniversary Changed Lives New Journeys – it is two years and 110 posts since I began writing this blog, about brain injury. I thought I would choose a random selection of 10 favourite posts about brain injury from the past two years. The following are chosen for a range of reasons which I will […]

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Daaa-daa-dadada-daaa-da Daaa da daa dun Daaa da daa dun – Task Busters

   No it’s not gremlins in the website. It’s my attempt at a clever title about Task Busters- see below! It came about because a support worker asked me about ‘Breaking tasks down into manageable steps’. It is a familiar strategy after brain injury. How do you do it in real life? Be a Task […]

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Inspirational and Disability – Cliche, Demeaning, or Fact?

Inspirational! In particular inspirational and disability (and in particularly brain injury). Who would think it could be so complicated!   While “inspirational” is a word I am a bit fond of using I have discovered it is easy to misuse, and readily becomes demeaning.   I was showing a friend the work of Cheryl Green […]

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brain protection

Back to Basics: The Fantastic Brain Protection System

Picture a fur coat,     over a suit of armour,         over a clingy, stretchy, body suit.             Add a helpful river floating through,                 and an invisible fence.                     Seal it all up                         and there you have it: Brain Protection!   We frequently marvel at the wonders of the brain and its structures. […]

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cogntive function

The Brain at Work: Cognitive Function

Today a practical exercise to help understand more about what cognitive function means. Earlier we looked at a brief introduction, of what cognitive means today a more concrete way to understand what it is all about. To get your own cognitive cogs working do the exercises below before you read to the end. Then read […]

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