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Celebration after brain injury Cartoon of snow covered house surrounded by snow covered trees with border of Holly sprigs

Managing Celebrations after Brain Injury

Celebrations after brain injury can be tricky. This article is updated and reposted each year before the end of year. Timed for when Christmas, Hannukah, New Year and other celebrations abound. It acknowledges that managing celebrations after brain injury can be difficult. Filled with expectation and anticipation – it does not always deliver on the […]

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Emotions After Brain Injury Series of emojis displaying different emotions

Changing Emotions After Brain Injury

  Emotions. Books are devoted to them. Movies rely on them. Life can depend on them. What can happen to our emotions after brain injury? Thinking about emotions after brain injury was brought to my mind after speaking with a woman who has a public speaking role. We discussed her continuing this role despite difficulty […]

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Picture of sunlight through tree branches

One Chance To Do It Well! Our End of Life a Good Death – Part 3

Can we help to make our end of life a good death for ourselves and for others? What tips and strategies might contribute to having our needs and wishes met? To make our end of life a good death. The first article in this series To Talk or Not To Talk About: End of Life […]

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End of Life: A fish eye view photo of an island with sea and a small boat

To Talk or Not to Talk About: End of Life, A Good Death Part 1

The time leading up to the end of life – after brain injury – or at any time, is a topic one should maybe leave alone. I want to talk about it. I believe we should all talk about it. I know it is thought to be a private subject, yet what happens at the […]

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Photo of soldiers silhouetted marching with cloudy sky behind

Looking From the Outside: Learning about Soldiers With Brain Injury

  Today you are reading the remnants of what was to be a grand and enlightening piece about soldiers with brain injury. You might ask – Well what happened? You might then ask – Why did I keep going? What follows here is not the well strung together, literary masterpiece I imagined. It is more […]

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Colours of the rainbow Life after Brain Injury

Rainbow Reflections: The Colours of My Life after Brain Injury

Image from Pixabay Today I am excited to introduce writer Ruth Burrill. Ruth has agreed to share her early experience of life after brain injury, rehabilitation and working with a support worker.   Before I share Ruth’s story I will explain terms used for anyone outside of Victoria, Australia, who may be unfamiliar with descriptions […]

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Emotions After Brain Injury and the ‘Goldilocks’ Model

Often the focus for a person living with brain injury is on managing the physical and cognitive effects, not noticing changes in emotions after brain injury. It is easy to overlook the emotional ups and downs that come with such a major change to your life. Each week I look forward to wonderful emails from […]

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