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Strategies for Organisation Planning and Problem Solving

Strategies for Organisation Planning and Problem Solving After Brain Injury

Difficulties with organizing, starting things (initiating),  putting things in the right order (sequencing), making plans and sorting out priorities are common cognitive outcomes of brain injury, particularly when the frontal lobe is damaged. I recently received a letter asking about  strategies for organisation planning and problem solving. How can you organize your own life, and […]

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Memory strategies - collage of calendar, post it notes and phone apps.

Memory Strategies After Brain Injury

Today in the final of a series about Memory – a list of memory strategies after brain injury. A whole lot of ideas that might help begin to address memory loss after brain injury. You will need to work out which ones are likely to help. What works will change from person to person depending […]

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Memory after brain injury Coloured photo of camera, photos and other memories

Memory 104 – Changes to Memory After Brain Injury

  Today a brief overview about memory after brain injury. What can happen and what can impact on memory. When something goes wrong, it is often helpful to know how it works normally. So it is with memory. Understanding changes to memory after brain injury can be easier to understand if you have some knowledge […]

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Memory and the Brain Detailed drawing of the Hippocampus

Memory 103 – Memory and the Brain

  Memory 103 Memory and the Brain – a brief look at the parts of the brain involved in memory. Last week in Memory 102 we focussed on the differences between short term and long term memory. A brief look at what memory is and how it works was covered in the first of the series Memory […]

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Long Term Memory Photograph of Buzz Aldrin on the moon surface

MEMORY 102: To Store or Not to Store – Short Term Memory to Long Term Memory

What turns a short term memory to long term memory ? What makes memory work better? How come I remember where I was when man walked on the moon but I can’t remember the name of the person I met briefly yesterday?   Today short term memory to long term memory follows on from the […]

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MEMORY 101: What is Memory?

How do we remember the detail of our lives? What is memory? How do we know how to do stuff? How do we make memories? What happens to remembering after brain injury? Why can I remember some things and not others? So many questions and it all comes back to Memory. Difficulty with memory is […]

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Painting of Sleeping Beauty illustrating Vegetative State and Unconsciousness

Sleeping Beauty or Vegetative State: Making Sense of Unconsciousness

  For many of us there is a fascination, and often newsworthiness, about a person being in a state of perpetual sleep then waking sometime in the future. Think about the fairy-tale of ‘Sleeping Beauty’; the princess who sleeps for a hundred years, awakened by a kiss. Of course from a handsome prince. While the […]

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Memory Function. Memory loss after brain injury

What’s a Flight Safety Demo Got to do With Memory Loss After Brain Injury?

Memory loss after brain injury is common.  Some form of memory loss is likely, whatever the cause of the brain injury. You have probably already read, or seen this for yourself.  You have probably also noticed that it’s an important aspect of brain injury that I have not yet tackled here. Why not? Well I […]

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Brain injury in movies

Can we learn about Brain Injury in movies?

Some time ago I watched the movie ‘The Vow’. It got me thinking about the portrayal of brain injury in movies; thinking about what movies have been made about brain injury; and whether we can learn about brain injury in movies that are primarily made to entertain. ‘The Vow’ Well, The Vow might be a […]

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