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Celebration after brain injury Cartoon of snow covered house surrounded by snow covered trees with border of Holly sprigs

Managing Celebrations after Brain Injury

Celebrations after brain injury can be tricky. This article is updated and reposted each year before the end of year. Timed for when Christmas, Hannukah, New Year and other celebrations abound. It acknowledges that managing celebrations after brain injury can be difficult. Filled with expectation and anticipation – it does not always deliver on the […]

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Strategies for Organisation Planning and Problem Solving

Strategies for Organisation Planning and Problem Solving After Brain Injury

Difficulties with organizing, starting things (initiating),  putting things in the right order (sequencing), making plans and sorting out priorities are common cognitive outcomes of brain injury, particularly when the frontal lobe is damaged. I recently received a letter asking about  strategies for organisation planning and problem solving. How can you organize your own life, and […]

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Brain Injury Difficulty Planning Organisation and Problem Solving Red and white sign with blue sky behind

Brain Injury Difficulty Problem Solving and Planning

Most of us at some time have trouble trying to work out how to solve a problem. Or maybe we can’t seem to make a decision, or we make a decision and then think “Why did I ever do that”. Brain injury, particularly when it involves the frontal lobe, such as after  trauma, stroke, dementia, […]

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Fatigue after brain injury Brown and white dog sleeping in wooden chair

Fatigue After Brain Injury: I’m So Tired My Brain Hurts

Fatigue after brain injury: Cognitive fatigue, Brain fog, Mental fatigue, Brain fatigue, Brain exhaustion, Mental tiredness, Foggy brain. I love the last one! All terms that can mean “I’m so tired my brain hurts”. Please Remember This: To begin here is the key message I want to make – We can all get foggy brain. […]

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Parietal lobes diagram of brain showing parietal lobes in blue

Our Touchy Feely Parietal Lobes

    Have you noticed the Parietal lobes tend to receive less attention than their flashy neighbour the Frontal lobes  and other lobes of the brain? Maybe it’s because they tend to be more on the touchy-feely side of life. That softer sensory side we don’t like to talk about. We tend to prefer those […]

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Concrete thinking - Cartoon character with picture of box in thought bubble

Concrete Thinking After Brain Injury

Concrete thinking is a descriptive term for this kind of thinking. Factual. What you see in front of you is what you understand. You take what is said to you, as it is said. Concrete thinking – being less able to generalise. Less able to think in the abstract. A person is likely to see […]

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What To Expect: Neuropsychological Assessment After Brain Injury.

A neuropsychological assessment after brain injury is often recommended. In my experience this can be a source of worry to people living with brain injury and their families. Concerns include how this will be done and what the benefit will be. A support worker recently asked me how they could support a person who was […]

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Reduced Information processing after brain injury. Photo of highway at night timelapse so car lights streaked

Chaos on the Information Superhighway: Reduced Speed of Information Processing After Brain Injury

  Reduced speed of information processing: I have a picture of an information superhighway with information flying along at great speed. Suddenly it is thrown into chaos because some stuff begins to slow down and not follow the rules.  These slower pieces get in the way of other information whizzing along and the information superhighway […]

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Impulsivity after brain injury. Colourful image of a windswept woman on a hilltop holding up a table

Where Angels Fear to Tread: Impulsivity after Brain Injury

A simple definition of impulsivity after brain injury: Talking or acting without thinking. For a fun kind of explanation the cartoon above might help.  A reminder of the impact of acting without thinking. For more detail and suggested strategies read on.   What Is Impulsivity After Brain Injury? As the cartoon above demonstrates impulsive actions […]

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When Get up and Go is Gone. Lack of Initiation and Motivation after Brain Injury

  Not being able to initiate activity and a change in levels of motivation after brain injury  can be a challenging and sometimes life limiting outcome to live with.   During a training session for community support workers I asked the group for the number one issue they struggled with, assisting a person living with […]

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