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What is executive function Chessboard with people as chess pieces

The Brain and Executive Function. What is Executive Function?

“What exactly is executive function?” Oh I still ask myself that question when trying to understand the brain and executive function. We know it’s important – it is what enables us to play a chess game, figure out a problem, use the intelligience we have. Today I will try and explain more about the brain […]

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Decision making after brain injury. Grey cartoon figure scratching his head while standing on orange arrow with five direction points

Changed Decision Making After Brain Injury

  Decision making after brain injury is commonly affected particularly after Frontal Lobe damage. Decision making is an executive function. That is a fancy brain term that makes these functions sound very important – and they are! Executive functions help us use our intellect . They help us to look at information coming into the […]

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Brain Injury Resources Photo of an open book with shelves of books behind.

Brain Injury Resources Around The Web

I discovered these brain injury resources while trying to focus my attention on a review of Changed Lives New Journeys. Like an ageing house – blog bits are starting to look a bit shabby and not work so well. You start looking into fixing it only to find more and more seems to need doing. […]

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Memory and the Brain Detailed drawing of the Hippocampus

Memory 103 – Memory and the Brain

  Memory 103 Memory and the Brain – a brief look at the parts of the brain involved in memory. Last week in Memory 102 we focussed on the differences between short term and long term memory. A brief look at what memory is and how it works was covered in the first of the series Memory […]

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Long Term Memory Photograph of Buzz Aldrin on the moon surface

MEMORY 102: To Store or Not to Store – Short Term Memory to Long Term Memory

What turns a short term memory to long term memory ? What makes memory work better? How come I remember where I was when man walked on the moon but I can’t remember the name of the person I met briefly yesterday?   Today short term memory to long term memory follows on from the […]

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Parietal lobes diagram of brain showing parietal lobes in blue

Our Touchy Feely Parietal Lobes

    Have you noticed the Parietal lobes tend to receive less attention than their flashy neighbour the Frontal lobes  and other lobes of the brain? Maybe it’s because they tend to be more on the touchy-feely side of life. That softer sensory side we don’t like to talk about. We tend to prefer those […]

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Unusual outcomes brain injury. Splashes of colour on black background

Synaesthesia to Savant – Sensationalism or Sensible. Unusual Outcomes Brain Injury

Flickr Image by Theophilos Papadopoulos It seems the unusual outcomes of damage to the brain receive a good deal of attention in media coverage. Unusual outcomes of brain injury such as a person developing artistic talents or becoming a genius at mathematics, seem to grab headlines more than day to day life for people living […]

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What To Expect: Neuropsychological Assessment After Brain Injury.

A neuropsychological assessment after brain injury is often recommended. In my experience this can be a source of worry to people living with brain injury and their families. Concerns include how this will be done and what the benefit will be. A support worker recently asked me how they could support a person who was […]

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The Brain at Work Photo of small boy in a suit at an office desk

Genius Only Need Apply – A Once in a Lifetime Job -The Brain At Work.

  The Brain at work has an impressive and complex resume of skills and responsibilities. It is likely the biggest job in the world! Big shoes to fill! While the job is not on offer, I hope thinking about it in this way will help understanding The Brain at work. As you read about the role […]

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40 Brain Believe It or Nots! Fascinating Facts About the Brain

  40 strange and fascinating facts about the brain. Designed to excite your interest in the most fascinating organ we own. These facts about the brain just might one day come in handy for you: – at trivia nights, – to liven up boring dinner conversations – impress onlookers with your superb knowledge – or just […]

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