Brain Injury And Favourite Posts 2015

As we rapidly move towards the end of 2015, I was thinking about the articles about brain injury I most enjoyed writing this year. This included articles about the outcomes of brain injury, and some a little more obscure.

This lead me to me doing a bit of searching around to see what others thought.

I came up with a lists of favourites. My own fave. The article most viewed. The article most commented on. Finally an all round winner.

 My Fave Top 3 (plus 1)

Learning to Say Maleesh

It is always fun talking to author Rebecca Viney.

I genuinely love her book – humorous, positive, strong. Rebecca now has a website.

I learned how to do an audio, clumsily and roughly, and with a lot of time fiddling about.


End of Life and Dying – series ONE   TWO  and  THREE    

This is a little cheat – I am including a series of 3 for 1.

I really did think a lot, read a lot, and learn a lot, writing this series.

I genuinely believe we do not talk about dying openly and often enough.


Intimacy, Sex and Brain Injury –almost the last for 2015 but what a discovery.

Like dying – I believe sex is not discussed enough in a non-sensational-normal-everyday-part-of-life kind of way.

I enjoyed listening to the article read by author Sonya Lea.

I believe it is not only helps us understand more about sex, it also shares life after brain injury, intimacy and relationship rebuilding.

An Extra Favourite –

Another little extra I am sneaking in here. This is an article I like from 2015. One I can not claim credit for writing:

Damage Waking With a Traumatic Brain Injury 


A powerful poem that graphically describes waking up with traumatic brain injury. A wonderful time reconnecting with Stanley.


Articles With The Most Comments

Remembrance traumatic brain injury in soldiers. Small white crosses with red poppies in the centre of each one


Rant for Remembrance – the not so good treatment of returned service persons. Reposted and it continues to be commented on.




Flooding the Senses – Sensory Overload After Brain Injury this topic had been requested and also received comment and email.


When the Leader Cannot Lead – Frontal lobe – a post from 2013 rediscovered and still receiving comments




Most Viewed Articles About Brain Injury for  2015

Cartoon image of Asterix with winged helmetA Fun Study With a Serious Side Asterix and Brain Injury – Hands down this was the winner in this category. The most viewed by a couple of thousand. I am under no illusions that it was the Asterix part of the topic that drew people in.

I believe if just a few more people understand a bit about brain injury it’s a job well done.

Brain Injury - Photograph Book and DVD cover Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and to Europe

A Hitchhikers Guide to Learning About Brain Injury
Another article that was influenced by fans. This time people who are fans of Douglas Adams. Or maybe it is the quote about storing penguins in the supposed part of our brain we do not use – I love that idea.


Brain Injury is Different - 2 cartoon Spot the Difference drawings drawingsBrain Injury is Different – pleased to see this one get coverage. Brain injury is so often misunderstood or confused with other issues. Anything that helps make it clearer is worthwhile. This article also attracted comments and was also a candidate for Gold medal but beaten by a better post (says the writer- me)!


And the gold medal goes to –

This article came up in every category. My favourite,  the most viewed, and one of the most commented on.

A Space Known as Liminal and Traumatic Brain Injury.

My all time favourite. Loved writing it. So much so I am going to re-publish it this year – in the Liminal space – the minute at midnight!


And Finally

Brain Injury Fave2015 thank-22016_640Thank you each and everyone of you who read and support my work.

Thank you for your letters and comments on posts.

Thank you for the words of encouragement, in this often silent online space.


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