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I discovered these brain injury resources while trying to focus my attention on a review of Changed Lives New Journeys.

Like an ageing house – blog bits are starting to look a bit shabby and not work so well. You start looking into fixing it only to find more and more seems to need doing. Eventually you think maybe a full renovation is best.

In 2013 I built this blog with no prior experience – a good idea then but now I have absolutely no idea what I did!  Where do I start – ‘Break things down into manageable chunks.’ I recall often suggesting this as a strategy when a person has a brain injury to help plan and organise.  That made sense here too. And so I began …

Step One was – Research – who else writes about your topic or area. What is your niche?

I went off like Alice in Wonderland down all sorts of rabbit-holes finding all sorts of  websites and blogs. Light bulb moment – I could share resources with you as I went so time was not completely wasted. Hopefully this will also encourage you to share other sites you are aware of that provide information and strategies that are helpful for brain injury.

In no particular order here are some resources I found:

Brain Injury Resources

Project Learn Net

“A Resource for Teachers, Clinicians, Parents, and Students by the Brain Injury Association of New York State.” This is already a frequent referral source for me. Lots of information about brain injury, the outcomes of brain injury and strategies for many different outcomes and a range of supporters.


Headway is a United Kingdom based organisation who “ works to improve life after brain injury”. Headway provides support to people within the UK and many downloadable information sheets are available online.  Headway Fact Sheets Here


Synapse is an Australian based organisation “Synapse is dedicated to reconnecting the lives of those affected by Brain Disorders.”  Synapse also provides a large number of Fact sheets about many aspects of brain injury. Synapse Fact Sheets Here

Lap Publishing

Lash and Associates Publishing describes itself as a “Leading Source of Information and Training on Brain Injury, Blast Injury and PTSD in Children, Adolescents, Adults and Veterans“.  The site has a range of publications, information and a blog with contributions from a range of people living and working with brain injury


Brain line is a national multimedia project offering information and resources about preventing, treating, and living with TBI.” An article I came across on BrainLine provides information and links to blogs written by people living with brain injury  “Voices from People Living with Traumatic Brain Injury – sharing blogs by people living with brain injury”

About Head Injury

Mark Kerrigan is one of the blogs listed in Brainline. The link in the BrainLine article is no longer valid but Mark has a blog About Head Injury where he also provides links to information and services.

Brain Injury Association of America

BIAUSA whose mission is “to advance awareness, research, treatment and education and to improve the quality of life for all individuals impacted by brain injury.”


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

NINDS is based in USA  whose stated mission is “…to seek fundamental knowledge about the brain and nervous system and to use that knowledge to reduce the burden of neurological disease.”    This is a very word based site, with few images, worthwhile as it has extensive information. It has a “Disorder Index which is kind of like an large glossary of terms.

Children and Brain Injury Resources

The Childrens Trust Brain Injury Hub

The Childrens Trust focusses on brain injury in children – many aspects are the same or similar in adults. “This website was conceived as a way of sharing expertise about brain injury. We aim to provide this information in an understandable language and hope that parents, teachers and families find it helpful on their on-going journey following a child’s brain injury.”


The Royal Childrens Hospital 

The Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne Australia has Fact sheets about outcomes of brain injury and strategies particularly useful for children.


Brain Stuff

While not strictly about brain injury I also came across some useful sites about all things Brain:

The Best Brain Possible with Debbie Hampton. “Information and Inspiration For Anyone With a Brain”.

Your Brain Health by Sarah McKay  “I translate neuroscience research into simple, actionable strategies you can apply to your life and work.  Discover neuroscience. Explore the brain. Understand your mind.”

Brain Blogger  “… health and science blog and brain-themed community. We review the most impactful news and research related to neuroscience/ neurology,  psychology/ psychiatry, and health/healthcare.”

Inside the Brain – “What neuroscience teaches us”


And Finally

I am sure there are many more helpful blogs and websites out there – please help me find them. Record the name of the site and or the web address in the Comments section or send me an email HERE. Thank you.

I am very interested in who provides similar information to Changed Lives New Journeys. I did notice on all of Google searches I rarely came across Changed Lives New Journeys despite its focus on brain injury!! Oh well another thing to fix.

Oh and please don’t ask me about Step Two – I have no idea quite yet!

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