Stats without the rats: The not so boring statistics of brain injury and why you should be interested.

Why present the statistics of brain injury? Well it reminds us, we are each highly likely to have some experience of brain injury at some point in our life. This makes it worthwhile having some understanding of what it’s all about. Most of us never hear of brain injury until it happens to ourselves, a […]

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Brain Injury – the Micro Picture

  Brain injury is damage to brain cells. And we have an estimated 100 billion brain cells, that’s: 100,000,000,000 cells. How can we possibly understand anything with this many pieces? And how do we know its 100 million cells – I don’t know the answer to this, except to say it seems a pretty common […]

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Brain Injury the Big Picture

“What is brain injury?” and you might add “And why do I want to know? You might want to know because brain injury is more common that most of us realise. You are very likely to know someone with a brain injury in your lifetime. You might want to know because you will understand more […]

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By C. Gilliam

From 156 Million Blogs To 1

Not Another Blog! Early in 2011 there were apparently over 156 million blogs on the web! So why start another one? My answer is that I could not find one that was just for people supporting people with brain injury. and I really wanted to try this way of communicating and sharing. No, I did […]

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Who is it For

Especially for Brain Injury Support Workers and More.

Who is it for? Whatever your interest in brain injury you are welcome. My aim is to bring to you all sorts of ‘stuff’ that I hope will be useful for anyone with an interest in brain injury. Just so everyone is clear though, my primary focus for Changed Lives New Journeys is a bit more […]

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Contributing after brain injury. Drawing of heart shapes with words Give Take Share

Giving and the Brain

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