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Celebration after brain injury Cartoon of snow covered house surrounded by snow covered trees with border of Holly sprigs

Managing Celebrations after Brain Injury

Celebrations after brain injury can be tricky. This article is updated and reposted each year before the end of year. Timed for when Christmas, Hannukah, New Year and other celebrations abound. It acknowledges that managing celebrations after brain injury can be difficult. Filled with expectation and anticipation – it does not always deliver on the […]

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When “Can’t” is About Power

An article “When Can’t Is About Power’ by Cheryl Green really got me thinking.  I reckon most of us have been on one side or other of this conversation at some time. If you have visited Changed Lives or  Changed Lives New Journey’s Facebook you probably know I am a big Cheryl Green and Who […]

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Remembrance traumatic brain injury in soldiers. Small white crosses with red poppies in the centre of each one

RePost: Rant for Remembrance – Soldiers With Brain Injury

  Posted 2014 and 2015 11th day 11th month @11am I have decided that until the issue of soldiers with brain injury, around the world, is adequately addressed I will repost this each Remembrance Day. First published in 2014. In November 2014 after several weeks of trying to prepare an article for Remembrance day: “traumatic […]

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Brain Injury is Different - 2 cartoon Spot the Difference drawings drawings

Brain Injury is Different

Brain injury is unique, its outcomes distinct. Often I have heard of confusion about brain injury with mental illness and brain injury with intellectual disability. So today I am updating and reposting an article I wrote a while ago that reminds us of the differences. Brain Injury is DIFFERENT to other conditions, illnesses, and disabilities: […]

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13 Stuck-in- My- Mind-Changed-Lives Memorable Moments of 2014

    Here are a random selection of my memorable moments of 2014 out of the 45,000 words -give or take a few – written on Changed Lives New Journey. Just before I begin – forgive the lack of a numbered list. Grrrrrr – Consider all those little 1’s below. Usually I spend hours getting […]

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